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the most recent concern of the Nike Air Max 1 was undoubtedly the "wheat" wheat color, but if do not like pure friends can look at today brings this dark gray color. Black dominated the whole shoe color and matching grey suede, supplemented by purple leather swoosh, low-key calm with a little coquettish is angry. Air Max 1EssentialNikenumber: 537383-005Price: at 135Source: Asphalt Gold[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Ya'an earthquake cheap foamposites affects everyone's heart, runners, idol Ke Zhendong told reporters in Shanghai on the 20th, said he already know donation to the earthquake-stricken channels her friends and the way, I hope to be able to stricken humble heart. Ke Zhendong now or in a sports-based college student, star of the movie "You Are the Apple of My Eye" and loved by the majority of the audience. In the interview session, Ke Zhendong said that the current moment my h Cheap air jordan 12 ovo eart is still more worried about the situation Ya'an earthquake, because people love sports, but also more love life. He said he was aware of the seriousness of the situation from the network, and the first time to forward a lot of help and help information, but deep down, he hopes he can do something for the disaster. He said it has asked a variety of ways in which the current they can provide help and are awaiting feedback, the same time, he cheap jordans for sale mens also look through their influence Ya'an appeal at a time when we must refuel, hold on. Ke Zhendong said that he had witnessed as a child. "921 earthquake" disaster area to understand the mood of the people, as a someone who has, he urgently wanted to own a modest contribution to help rebuild Ya'an. "Taiwan's 921 Earthquake" is Taiwan's largest earthquake in the late 20th century, took place in September 21, 1999 morning, the focal depth of 8 cheap jordans for sale kilometers, 7.6 on the Richter scale, killed more than 2,000 people. Ke Zhendong as Adidas training series men's new spokesperson, invited to participate in the new live events climacool breeze series running shoes sports brand Adidas, held on the 20th in Shanghai, to share his experience with summer sports and 360 degree ventilation cool running experience, climacool breeze running shoes to help out the new conference. At the scene, Ke Zhen Retro jordans for sale dong fans feel great enthusiasm, for the first time as a sports brand endorsement, he expressed a love for the sport, he said: "The movement of people is a very happy thing, able to serve as sports brand ambassador let me very excited and happy. Usually I like to be more than filming fitness training, keep fit and mental state. In addition, running is my favorite sport, and this climacool breeze brings 360-degree ventilation running shoes feel Retro jordans for sale , feet in while running can breathe without the burden. "In the event, Ke Zhendong grip strength training equipment use, as the game's first ice-breaking experience to join the war, and successfully hit the ice to get a favorite climacool breeze running shoes. From April 12 to May 11, Adidas will launch 2013climacool roadshow in the country six big cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Dalian, Xi'an, Chengdu. At the same time, "Indiana o cheap jordans online dd ice" APP mobile games will also be fully on-line, available at android and APPStore input "Indiana odd ice 2", you can download the game. By running to collect wind, constantly trying to knock the ice, if successful can be obtained free pair of running shoes newest climacool breeze. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)In this spring and summer, as the climate changes, the rain also up more slo cheap jordan shoes for men wly. To this end, NEW BALANCE's 501 shoes also aimed at the opportunity to launch a series of new Ballistic, but the biggest selling point of this single product, and that it should be necessary to count with a waterproof nylon fabric uppers of. New Balance Ballistic 501 from a design point of view, although it seems relatively simple, only monochrome-based, but in addition to the toe and heel suede deerskin material at most of the rest but Cheap air jordans for sale with a waterproof nylon fabric such as rain wear it to travel, also do not have to worry about water-soaked shoes will be a problem. But now, New Balance has not yet announced specific price and release date of this single product, so favorite friend, please be patient. Source: highsnobiety[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] According to several media reports, Nike (stores) to be announced later today and in Northern Ireland golfer McI Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping lroy signed. British "Sun" that If, as the rumor said, McIlroy will get the total amount of 156 million pounds ($ 250 million) contract, he probably almost equal to the famous British foot (stores) ball player David Beckham, threatening his British number one suction gold king title. Nike and Northern Ireland golfer McIlroy signed McIlroy and Nike signed the message, basically in the industry is already an open secret. To this end, Titileist and Jumeirah estate has given way, and Oakley is with McIlroy court, claiming precedence veto. Nike Golf's intent is clear, McIlroy not only very popular in Europe, in the United States fan favorite. They can reach the market by trying to achieve by Mike Roy. A source of Nike's "The Sun", said: "He is among the most important figures in golf, is also seen as the best role model." McIlroy, although only 23 years old, but has won two Grand Slam titles. Let him and his love affair with a Danish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki (Caroline Wozniacki) very high degree of recognition. Compared with Woods, he is no sex scandal invasion. According to reports, ten contract McIlroy, the total amounted to 156 million pounds, even more than the 124 million pounds Woods decade contract. But McIlroy ceded a lot of conditions, he should be from the ball to the clothing, the shoes are included in the Nike name. In any case, McIlroy get big checks from Nike overshadowed Beckham. According to reports, the latter where the sign from Adidas sponsorship contract, the total amount of 100 million pounds. 2012 ?? Beckham is Britain's highest-paid athletes. If McIlroy got the Nike contract, it is very likely to be close to Beckham's income, or beyond him. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)